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An idiosyncratic platform aspiring young minds to build a human hive with peace sustainability through constructive communication and peace emerging dialogues; envisioning root policies from the juveniles and connecting them with world bodies.

Our aim is to engage the youth of the world in Environmental peacebuilding, peace education, conflict prevention and non-proliferation of terrorism, atrocity prevention, and sustainable development. Interconnecting youth with a conviction to create a better world is our main moto.

Incorporating the awareness of sustainable development, Human rights and human health, prevention of violence and the concept of a human coalition in the minds of all the individuals of the world.

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Training of Trainers – YCoalition

About TOT
Training of the Trainers is a two-day long workshop which targets youth from university who is willing to work for the community. Students from diverse background participate for Peace Dialogue, Advocacy, Social Inclusivity, and Global Citizenship. YCoalition TOT workshop for the youth focusing on 'Strengthening Inclusion, Interfaith, and Sustaining Peace". With various session focusing, Inner Evaluation to Program Planning students gets the opportunity to learn community mapping, stakeholder mapping, and other social peace engagement.
  • Student from any discipline
  • University students
  • Age 15-29
  • Community Activist
Training of Trainers is all about the trainers those of you want to enlighten the inner you for the community-based work and change the community towards sustainable peace. The workshop will train the participants with a strong understanding of conflicts, practical approaches mixed with peaceful core values to be a better trainer and also corroborate with case studies to help them comprehend the holistic picture of the same. The workshop itself designed in the way to shape your mind and behavior to understand the problem, values and root causes of the community that is suffering. The best, you can come up with ideas which can be more constructed and feasible towards the problem with TOT. YCoalition believes this training will bring Peace Builders to be visionary towards the same vision we have, Striving Together for Sustainable Peace.

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Our dream is to unite a generation towards Sustainable development and also the future progeny to come.
A series of games created in such a way to instill peace building in the minds of the youth.
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For the Unison of Nations Youth aiming to create awareness and structural change in a vast scale, trainers are to be created for the campaign to change.
Every Year September 21st, we celebrate the Peace day All over the Bangladesh.

We're on a mission to build a better future where peace, sustainability and equity will be established.


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