A life changing experience by TOT

A life changing experience by TOT

YCoalition is an international youth-led organization that unites the youth for establishing sustainable peace. On 28th and 29th, December in Chittagong Y coalition organized a workshop on Training Of Trainers (TOT). I was a participant of this workshop and after attending this training I am fully sure that this training is a must for every youth because youth are the future leaders of the next generation. Without knowing about the problems of society the youth cannot be a good and considerate leader. Due to this training program which was quite good, It helped me to learn many things. Every session of TOT was effective and meaningful. The session of ̈Connecting and Networking ̈ taught me how I am directly or indirectly connecting with society. Its impact was far-reaching and the session of Challenge and Respect taught me there is always a problem existing in our society but without resolving them we just complicate things. This session also helped me to learn about how can we take others opinion to resolve many problems. The session of ̈ Power Walk ̈ showed me the real scenario of society and how we discriminate the poor.It was a life-changing session for me. Almost all of the session helps me to learn about teamwork, respecting others' opinions, not judging others and being helpful to society. After learning all of the things from the training I will try to be more careful to talk with children, be respectful to rickshaw puller, cobbler, housemaid, pay a visit to an orphanage, old age also try to do some voluntary and awareness task with collaboration with YCoalition or any organization for betterment of my community.

Written By
Nargis Fatema
TOT Participant

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