An Unforgettable Journey With Peacebuilders

An Unforgettable Journey With Peacebuilders

As-Salamu-Alaikum, Firstly thanks to the YCoalition team for giving me an opportunity to write my experience and feelings about this training. The Whole training was just amazing. At the beginning of the session the "INTRODUCTION PART" was helpful to know about one another. After this, the "CONNECTIVITY/NETWORKING TASK" came which was very important to know more about people which was given by several groups. Consisting of three things such as Expectations, Skills and Attitudes this session was also given in several groups which were very significant. One of the most important sessions according to me was "POWER OF IDENTITY".Because it helped me to know about myself more deeply. Then came the "FOUR WORDS DISCUSSION" session which was a little bit critical and interesting also. After this session the " POWER WALK" session started which was another very important session according to me. Through this session, I was able to find out the discrimination among many kinds of people in our society, which was really heart touching to me. The trainers were very friendly and helpful.
This training will be effective for myself because since I am an introverted person and I was able to remove my hesitation of public speaking very effectively and have got an idea about how to be a good listener and respect others opinion which is very important to maintain peace in our society. I had an opportunity to know about ̈ADVOCACY" which will also be effective for me in the future. I have also learned not to be judgemental and not assume about anyone or anything quickly.
For the betterment of my country initially I can start by respecting other’s opinions which can help to maintain peace in our society. If I become a trainer someday then I will try to train my trainee never to discriminate between religion, race, community, political groups, works and working people. I will make sure that any words or activities don’t hurt any religion, community or any kind of people. Lastly, I will try to "DECREASE COMMUNICATION GAP" among all categories of people so that they can express their problems without any fear of being an independent country of ours.
At last, All of us should come forward to maintain peace, respect everyone and be a good listener. I appreciate Y Coalition and their whole team to do this kind of training which was really informative. All of the trainers were very helpful. May Allah bless you all. Thank You.

Written By
Tajnuva Usha
TOT Participant

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