Know YCoalition

An idiosyncratic platform aspiring young minds to build a human hive with peace sustainability through constructive communication and peace emerging dialogues; envisioning root policies from the juveniles and connecting them with world bodies.

Our aim is to engage the youth of the world in Environmental peacebuilding, peace education, conflict prevention and non-proliferation of terrorism, atrocity prevention, and sustainable development. Interconnecting youth with a conviction to create a better world is our main moto.

Incorporating the awareness of sustainable development, Human rights and human health, prevention of violence and the concept of a human coalition in the minds of all the individuals of the world.

Peace will save the world

The world we live in now is filled with dread and chaos with injustice prevailing and terrorist activities has become an international phenomenon, the root of which lies cruel mentality and hatred. YCoalition aims to uproot this negative mentality instilling the idea of peacebuilding and unitedness for the youth generation who are the future of the world. This initiative can bring an end to terrorism, an end to injustice and destruction and the beginning of a new world where peace will prevail. With just the mentality of peace and all the youth of the world connected we can build a better peaceful world for everyone.

Our Approach

Youth Empowerment

Our goal is to Engage and encourage the youth to work for the community development where their small initiatives can bring a large impact.

Shaping the Generation

We want to educate the young minds of the generation about sustainable development and peacebuilding.

A Peaceful World

We want to create a generation of intellectual minds, those who can bring a change in the mental structure of all humans in the world and create a peaceful world.

A Common Vision

Our motive is to unite the people of the world connecting them with the reason of maintaining peace and saving our planet.
Our team has successfully reached a lot of young minds from many different institutions.
Our programs are creating positive impacts amongst our members encouraging them for community development.
We target to create a positive change towards peace and saving the planet implementing SDG’s with the help of the youth.