Peace Begins With Me

Peace Begins With Me

At first, I thought it would be something global or social peace. The area will be vast. Well, it was more like a small but most important part of society, The Youth. Today’s youth are going to operate tomorrow's world. They can ultimately change society. A Society, a country change based on their youth’s action. That’s why understanding peace in more important for youth. If we analyze the peace, one of them is respect and understanding. YCoalition made the two days module very proficient. The sessions were vivacious for everyone’s participation. There was an individual session to think about myself, some group work to realize the importance of unity. Every session contained meaningful morals that are important for a good social life. There was a task called four words. First, everyone writes their opinion on a social problem in four words. Obviously, everyone has a different perspective, so they came up with different problems. At last, a group of sixteen people had to discuss and made their 64 ideas into only 4. We had to make others understand why their idea was less important than others, we had to convince, be convinced and a lot of group discussion were done. Another session was called a power walk. On this task, we had given the role of our society like PM, refugee, bus driver, etc. We were asked different basic questions like do you get proper medicine, can you eat healthy food, do you have freedom of speech, etc. If anyone gets those opportunities, that person had to walk forward. At the end of the question session, the situation was clearly shown that the contradiction, though we live in the same society. It made us realize the importance of showing respect, understanding everyone’s opinion, help others. The days were full of insightful sessions. Session instructors were fantastic and expert on their work. They made the program interesting. At last, I wanna say that It was a lovely program. I learned a lot which will help me to be a better person and help me expand my networking.

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Farsi Rahman
TOT Participant

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