Life Beyond The Border

Bangladesh has always been a country which cares for humanity and always aimed towards sustainable peace. Bangladesh has not only opened the borders but also their hearts towards the Rohingya Muslims which creating an example of generosity and humanity. Though Bangladesh is a very densely populated country with limited resources, Still the Bangladesh government is maintaining the balance of ensuring proper food, medicine, shelter and education to the Rohingya refugees with the Cooperation from International Agencies. As many problems are arising in the refugee camps, a major problem is lack of sex education and health education due to which child marriage, unplanned pregnancy, and sexually spread diseases are problems which have to be dealt with to have a healthy community. Religious superstitions, blind beliefs and lack of proper guidance have created a negative concept about birth control measures and contraceptive pills leading to unplanned pregnancies and over population growth in the future. In the past 20 months, 150 thousand babies were born with another 18 thousand pregnant women waiting to give birth which means almost a rise of 1.5 million and more will occur for which the proper resources are going to fall short. Both Bangladesh Government hand in hand with the United Nations are working hard to solve these issues.

YCoalition has reached out their hands to support the Rohingya Muslim communities with engaging campaigns for sex education and awareness to stop early marriage and unplanned childbirth. YCoalition team has initiated sex education training sessions and awareness of reproductive health among the Rohingya communities. YCoalition has conducted 7 Awareness session where we have trained 37 peer educators who have further spread awareness among 376 youths. We have also conducted 5 Counselling sessions on menstrual hygiene and on contraceptive pills where 25 women peer educators were chosen and they were able to reach out to 234 females to raise awareness. These peer leaders are now actively working to stop early marriage and create reproductive health awareness. YCoalition also took a special training session with 23 Imams so that religious superstitions can be removed.