Sharing Iftaar In This Holy Month

Sharing Iftaar In This Holy Month

The holy month of Ramadan is of peace and blessings but more importantly realization. The realization of what the poor feels when in hunger, the realization of sharing, unity and bonding. The Members of YCoalition in Bagmara area of Khulna organized an event of sharing Iftaar in this holy month named “ওদের মুখে হাসি” where they shared with 30 street children Iftaar and inspired people around them to share peace and happiness by helping everyone around us who are in need. The four members who took the initiative are namely:
Prosenjit Mondal who took the lead to organize this tremendous program and supporting Sajib Saha, Sadman Joa and Rahma Kamal.

Their positive initiative made the whole YCoalition team proud and we hope that they would continue further with their activities.


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