YCoalition International Celebrates International Day of Peace 2017 in association with COMMONWEALTH YOUTH PEACE AMBASSADORS NETWORK (CYPAN) & BUFT Model UN Association.

The International Day of Peace is observed each year all around the world on 21st September. This day is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. The theme of International Day of Peace 2017 was: “Together for peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”

With this theme and the main goal of Peace Day kept in mind a very innovative and inspirational program was organized in the BGMEA University of Fashion Technology campus premises. Y Coalition & Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN) Bangladesh , which is one of the leading youth peace organizations in the world, organized the “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE CELEBRATION 2017” with collaboration with BUFT Model United Nations Association .  where all the students on BUFT campus came together to celebrate peace and happiness among each other. The main goal of CYPAN is to foster collaboration between youth all over the world, connecting them to establish peace and tranquility in the world. The program which was organized by CYPAN Bangladesh is one of these initiatives which connected the Youth of BUFT campus to be inspired and work to establish peace and happiness in our society. They highlighted the spirit of togetherness by this event.

The program started at 11:00 Am in the 7th floor of BUFT campus in front of the peace wall decorated in the Hall way. We were blessed by the presence of our respected Vice Chancellor Prof.Dr. Nizamuddin Ahmed and Pro Vice Chancellor Prof.Dr.Engr.  Ayub Nabi Khan  and head P.R.O Mr. Atiqur Rahman.  The program was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellor when they both wrote on the Peace wall leaving an inspirational message for all the students. The Vice Chancellor quoted:” Acceptance, patience and Tolerance are the basic pillars to achieve peace and tranquility in the world.” The Pro Vice Chancellor quoted: “We shall avoid egoism in order to build a peaceful world.” The Vice Chancellor also stated an inspirational message that “Peace starts with me and you.” He explained that if we ourselves can accept others’ choices and their decisions, tolerate other country and cultural barriers and be patient in tense situations then we can establish peace in the world. So peace starts with us. 

The main theme of this years peace day was to honor the spirit of TOGETHER, a global initiative that promotes respect, safety and dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes and those leaving in search of a better life. All the participants present in the program were very concerned about the Rohingya issue between Bangladesh and Myanmar and everyone’s opinion was that if the Myanmar government accepts the Muslim Rohingya people and accepts their culture and religion and stop this genocide then peace can come back between Myanmar and Bangladesh. The key resolution to the situation is to accept the people of different castes and religion and be tolerant and patient towards them. 

The honorable advisor of BUFTMUNA Md. Arafat Hossain sir was present and participated in the program along with many senior faculties such as Dr. Md. Azizur Rahman Khan, Md. Monirul Islam sir and many other faculty members. They wrote inspirational words in the peace wall, which spread the message of how to establish peace in the world to the students. The students participated eagerly and shared their thought s about world peace and how to establish peace in the society. They filled the peace wall with inspirational ideas and thoughts which really signifies togetherness and mutual cooperation among the students. 

The program was ended by the Asian regional committee member of CYPAN and founder president of BUFTMUNA Mr. Tamzid Hayder Tawrat Sikder. He gave an inspirational speech where he invited the youth to actively participate in securing peace in the society and performing their responsibility to establish world peace because only the youth can and will be able to create a peaceful world and a better future. 

The International peace Day 2017 celebration event was an event to remember for the students and teachers of BUFT. This memorable event is symbolized with the iconic peace wall which is the accumulation of thoughts and ideas of young students and teachers about creating a peaceful and better world.    

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