Bangladesh Perspective: The Challenge of Achieving SDG

Md. Tamzid Hayder Tawrat Sikder

We have advanced for away as a nation, although we couldn’t reach at our goal. So What? We have been going forward and dreaming through hundreds of obstacle. Let’s talk about MDG.  We asserted magic in achieving Millennium Development Goal in South Asia and the way to achieve Development goals through pragmatic decision and efficient Leadership. To sustain this achievement, we should emphasize towards “Sustainable Development Goal -2030”. Which was accepted unanimously by the Heads of Different states of the world at United Nations General  Assembly in September, 2015. Ultimately the shortage of MDG has been taken as the goals of SDG. It will be a great challenge for us to achieve SDG as ours is a developing country. As money is necessary , so the  skilled human resource is essential. Quality Education is another goal of SDG. Though our education system has advanced in quality , the quality has not been achieved yet. The rates of dropped students are more than that of students’ enrollment. In addition, there is no system to justify the quality of primary & Secondary education internationally. Now more than 70 countries of the world are parts of this international justification in education. Healthcare is another obstacle in achieving SDG , still these services were not reached in haor-baor, Hill tracks and district areas. It is because sustainable development is impossible without the Development of distant people. Sustainable Development goals mean social solidarity and overall development, Where we want a poignant direction to decrease wealth, income and consecution discrimination. Income growth of the poorest 40% is more needed than national income growth. This goal is very significant in Achieving SDG. World Bank Declared, Poverty will be eradicated if the number of poor people can be declared in 3% by 2030. But 3% population is a huge amount in our Backdrop. I reiterate that, quality will never be achieved if first Goal Poverty Eradication and tenth Goal income Discrimination cannot be decreased. Another obstacle is political instability. We have to go forward minimum domination to perfect domination; and minimum Democracy to perfect Democracy Retaining the course of Development and Social Order. Thus the more democracy and Good governance will be increased , the shape and Demands of our young and Educated Generation will be increasing , When we talk towards SDG. Our political, Economic and Social organizations will be strong, accountable and Democratic for this increased pressure. Change will come in our thought, sensation and mind.

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